( Teacher of School Programme France)

We have nothing to complain about. Everything was so good. Be sure we are ready to come back again.

Langauge School
( School Director)

"Host Link have performed their job of family-finder, family inspector and advisor with great professionalism with the result that both families and students have been well served and very happy with their arrangements. On the rare o

( Nigerian Parent of Reading IFP student)

“When my son was to come over to England for his studies in Reading, his mum and I were worried that he had never been from the family for more than a week in his life and coming from a close knit family, hence we felt he would be missing ho

( Host Family, Reading, Berkshire)

“I have worked with Win for the last three years, hosting students from overseas. It is a wonderful experience to be able to host students from all over the world, cultures and religions and embrace the time you have to share with them, howe