HostlinkUK Terms and Conditions

1. List of Hostlink UK services
‘Homestay’ is the provision of accommodation and meals with a local family in exchange for a fee.

Independent pastoral support and welfare service provided to overseas students under 18’s studying in educational organisations.

i. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, as do we.
ii. General Terms Definitions
1. “We” means Hostlink UK International Student Support.
2. Booking refers to either a Homestay or Guardianship agreement.
3. Booking Period refers to the length of time booked e.g.1 term or 1 academic year as per your booking form or number of weeks if on a short stay or summer course.
4. Booking Week defined as starting from a Saturday or Sunday arrival.
5. Deposit refers to a ‘part payment made usually 4 weeks refundable once the booking is completed’.
Please note appropriate deductions can be made from the deposit monies for costs incurred by the student and where Hostlink UK or any of it’s employees are liable.
6. Notice period refers ‘is the required period to inform that you are finishing your booking
7. UK Holidays ‘National UK holidays e.g. Christmas, Easter and bank holidays’.
8. Damage refers to ‘any loss / breakages of items or property where the student is liable.
9. Medical Insurance an arrangement made by the student to provide a guarantee of compensation for themselves in the case of specified loss, damage or illness.
10. “Application form” once signed is your booking contract
11. “Service Agreement” an agreement between Hostlink UK and the said company detailing Hostlink UK student or students representative.

iii. Pastoral Care For Under 18’s
Any Hostlink UK employees who are above the age of 18, shall be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, prior to providing a booking with an under 18 student. Hostlink UK provides a dedicated 24 hour emergency telephone number to the host family and will resolve any problems in the homestay in case of emergency.

iv. Booking Process
Booking is by an application form only, available from Hostlink UK. Once the booking form has been received (by email or post) we will acknowledge your booking within 2 working days. In the unlikely event that you
have not received an answer within 3 working days, there is a chance that we have not received your booking enquiry, so please email us at days exclude Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays).
A suitable Hostlink UK homestay will then be found and agreed with you. A service agreement maybe raised detailing the service to be provided. Hostlink UK adheres to British Council and Boarding Schools Association
guidelines. For under 18’s duty of care as detailed by the British Council and BSA will be adhered too. We will provisionally hold the booking, which will usually expire 7 days after the request was made but is subject to availability and demand. The option expiration date will always be made clear to you. An invoice and profile of the Hostlink UK employee will be sent to you for confirming your booking and the details released, once payment is received. For groups, brief profiles of each Hostlink UK employee will be sent.

v. Prices and payment
Prices are per person and are communicated separately on application or enquiry. A non-refundable administration fee may be applied to select your booking. To secure the booking a deposit must be paid prior to the date the reservation option expires (a deposit invoice can be issued upon request). The deposit will be for 20% of the total invoice or £500 GBP, whichever is the greater. Full payment will need to be made 15 working days prior to the booking start date occurring and before arrival of each term via bank transfer. If we do not receive this balance in full, and on time, we reserve the right to consider the booking as cancelled by you, and cancellation charges set out below will apply. Overdue payments to us may incur interest. Interest shall be payable on overdue accounts at the rate of 3% per Month over the Barclays Bank PLC base rate to run from the due date of payment thereof until receipt by Hostlink UK of the full amount. Once payment for the invoice has been received, confirmation of your booking will be sent to you. Please note that specific booking details will be released approximately 10 days prior to your arrival, in order to ensure minimal amendments.
All bank charges must be covered by you and we must receive the amount stated on your invoice into our bank account. If any bank charges have been deducted from your payment we will add this on to your next
invoice or raise a new invoice. If relevant, at the end of each calendar year we will send you a full invoice for all monies outstanding to be paid within 30 days or start to incur interest.

vi. Changes to your Booking (prior to arrival)
Should you wish to change your booking in any way once a final invoice has been issued, we will do our utmost to make these changes if possible. Any request for changes must be made in writing by mail or email
and you may be asked to pay an administration charge and further costs we incur in making a change. These costs could increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made. In some cases any changes could mean paying a cancellation charge of 100% and purchasing new arrangements at full cost.

vii. Cancellation (before arrival):
All cancellations must be made in writing by mail or e-mail and detailing the reason. Charges will be applied as follows from the date and time we receive the notification in our office:
Notification of cancellation 6 weeks before travel date: Hostlink UK retains deposit payment only.
Notification of cancellation 4 – 6 weeks before travel: Hostlink UK retains 50% of total cost.
Notification of cancellation 4 weeks or less before travel: Hostlink UK retains 100% of cost.
If the visa is not granted 4 weeks before arrival, then all monies except for the registration fee is refunded plus two weeks accommodation monies.
If the host family cancels, an alternative homestay will be allocated. In the case that an alternative homestay is not found then all monies will be refunded minus the booking fee.

viii. Changes After Arrival
You are contractually obliged for the period that you have booked for. If required, we will work with you to confirm you are completing your booking.
However, if you have arrived to the UK and subsequently cancel within your booking period (length of time booked, as indicated on your original booking form) and before your checking out departure date, then charges will apply as per the

Homestay / guardianship T&C below.
For bookings up to 14 weeks/ 1 term: No refunds after arrival will be given for the period booked up to 14 weeks. If it is necessary to change a student’s booking for any reason that is not resolvable then two week’s notice will be given to change. If the student’s cancels within the 14 week booking period the monies are still payable to Hostlink UK.
For bookings of 14 weeks+/ 1 term: Four weeks notice is required and refunds calculated for the remaining weeks after the 14 week period. Remaining monies are to be paid direct to the Hostlink UK bank account.

ix). Rebooking / Extending your booking
If you wish to rebook or extend your booking you must rebook solely through Hostlink UK. Any agreements without Hostlink UK’s knowledge or approval will be considered a breach of these terms and conditions and
fees for loss of business to Hostlink UK will be deemed appropriate and the student liable. For rebooking of your homestay the following notice should be given:
2-6 weeks rebooking: minimum 2 weeks notice
6-14 weeks rebooking: minimum 4 weeks notice
14 weeks rebooking: minimum 6 weeks notice
Please note if you are a long stay student and rebooking every few weeks an administration fees will be applied each time you rebook. If you book per term then a rebooking and management fee of £150.00 per term will be applied for terms 2 and 3. If you book for one academic year then only one administration charge of £150.00 will be applied.

x. Force Majeure
If we cancel a booking because of Force Majeure we will endeavour to find suitable and comparable alternative accommodation for you at no extra cost. No compensation will be given. Force Majeure means
any unusual or unforeseeable reason beyond our control and cannot be avoided including but not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, political unrest, government action, natural or other disaster, terrorism,
weather conditions, cancellation by a supplier including a local organiser and all similar events out of our control. For any lockdown period in the event of Covid 19 restrictions, clients can rebook their stays.
If the alternative booking is not acceptable to you, you will be refunded any payments made in full within 28 days of your instruction. Any refunds will be made with international bank charges deducted.

xi. Allocation
We will endeavour to allocate guests to Hostlink UK employees in the manner desired by our clients however, by the very nature of this type of accommodation, this can never be guaranteed. Employees may cancel
because of illness, personal, or unforeseen circumstances, and this cannot be within our control. We therefore reserve the right to amend or change booking allocations, up to and including the day of arrival,
should the need arise because of circumstances out of our control, at all times seeking to minimise disruption and inconvenience to the customer.

xii. Special Requests, Allergies and Medical Emergencies
We must receive a full breakdown and allergy/diet list at least 6 weeks before your arrival. For guests who suffer from either a physical or mental disability or require medical attention or medication during their stay,
we must be informed at the point of booking. We will always try and accommodate special requests whenever possible, however our ability to cater for special requests is subject to the availability of hosts who are able to meet the requests.
If medical needs, allergies or dietary information is not given within the time scales stated above, it may not be possible to accommodate the booking and we reserve the right to cancel the booking and refund their
payment. Any refund will be subject to the cancellation policy mentioned in these terms. It is advised students should have medical insurance in place. Should a student be taken seriously ill while in the UK, Hostlink UK and its employees are not responsible for caring/ costs’ for the student but will accept responsibility to help get the student back home. Hostlink UK will follow the advice of the medical professionals particularly in the case of infectious diseases.
Medical details we will pass on to the homestay all relevant medical details and special dietary requirements which you have provided. In signing your child profile form, you consent to Hostlink UK acting in loco parentis so that we make take all action necessary for the welfare of your child, including emergency medical attention requiring operations and anaesthetics if necessary. Whilst every effort will always be made to contact us in the event of an emergency, this may not always be possible.

Xii. Passports, Visas and Travel Documents
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they or all members of the group are in possession of all necessary travel documents before departure. Any cancellations made due to UK Border Force Agency entry refusal will be subject to the cancellation terms stated above.

xiii. Insurance and Liability
All students are strongly advised to purchase adequate travel insurance for themselves. The agent / school is responsible for ensuring each individual guest has adequate travel insurance for their journey and stay in the
UK, including, but not limited to, illness, injury, emergency repatriation, theft, loss of accommodation and/or tuition. You must provide a copy of this insurance to Hostlink UK when submitting the completed Student Profile Form.
Confidentiality: Your child’s rights of confidentiality will be respected and will only be overridden if it is necessary to do so in order to protect your child’s safety and welfare. European Nationals are entitled to
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before coming to the UK. Please see specific sections below for our liability policy.

xiv. Damage
Should any damage be caused by the student, Hostlink UK and it’s employees are not liable and the student is solely responsible and will be required to pay all damages.

xv. Complaints
In the unlikely event you have reason to complain or experience any problems whilst in the UK, you or your representative must immediately inform us, so that where possible they can be resolved at the time. Failure to
notify Hostlink UK at the time means we may not be able to investigate and rectify the complaint. We cannot accept any retrospective claim or complaint from a guest or their representative.
Please send an email describing the complaint to in the first instance or ring +44 7958 343981 (this should be used in the event of an emergency outside office hours). All complaints are notified to
the Director, Win Dulai and or Student Liaison Officer. Any complaint is fully investigated and action taken at the earliest opportunity. Hostlink UK will confirm what is being done and any steps taken to prevent a

xvi. Changes to the Terms and Conditions
Hostlink UK reserves the right to amend or alter its terms and conditions without providing further notice. In such cases, any newer version automatically replaces a previous version and becomes valid from the date of its implementation.

2. Homestay Terms & Conditions
Homestay accommodation
‘Homestay’ is the provision of accommodation with a local homestay (single person, couple or family) in exchange for a fee. The Terms and Conditions set out below are for Hostlink UK ‘Homestay’ accommodation only.
Hostlink UK provides clean, quality Homestay accommodation within a vetted and approved family unit. Accommodation is on a room type basis and includes all bills, excluding any telephone calls. Breakfast and
dinner meals are provided to exceed no more than fourteen meals in a single week (Monday to Sunday). Internet access and laundry facilities will also be available at additional costs. Lunches are to be agreed separately and are not covered under this agreement.

i. Arrival & Departure to Homestay:
Students are usually requested to arrive at their accommodation on a Sunday and depart on Saturday before 12pm esp. July / August unless otherwise agreed. The latest time of arrival at homestay is 20:30 pm. (Other
days / times are to be agreed separately).Under 18's must be accompanied by a group leader or have a guardian in place. Hostlink UK can provide a guardianship service for 11- 17 year olds attending language or boarding schools if required.
Departure is by 12pm on the confirmed departure date unless scheduled or agreed otherwise.

ii. Homestay prices
Prices are communicated separately on application or enquiry and accommodation is provided to those students studying a full-time course in the UK where the main accommodation is homestay. (Internship
students and over 25’s will be regarded as professional students). Payment will be required in advance. Prices are per person (as per quoted price list) and include a furnished single/ double room with breakfast
and dinner Monday- Sunday (14 meals per week) all bills (except use of telephone), weekly laundry facilities, bed linen and towels, breakfast and dinner basis. Most families have internet access which is included
between the hours of 8am until 11pm each day. All extra snacks/ drinks are to be provided by the guest. All rooms will be previously inspected according to set criteria. For under 18’s or groups lunch maybe provided (costed in or at extra cost).
A non-refundable administration fee to select and book your homestays will apply to both short stay up to 6 weeks (£75.00) and long stay bookings 6 to 14 weeks (£150.00), and each further rebooking period (per individual)
The minimum period of booking homestay is 4 weeks, except for Easter / Summer short stay group bookings where the minimum stay is 2 weeks**. Students will be booked out of homestay the weekend before
Christmas unless otherwise agreed and if students are unable to travel back to their home country. An additional supplement of £25 per week will applied for 1 week group bookings, and all peak season July/
August bookings. Bookings are contractually fixed for the period booked with full payment made in advance (28 days before arrival). For individual guardianship students requiring homestay during school holiday periods where they are in the
care of a Hostlink UK homestay 24 hours a day the minimum booking period is one week (7 nights) and rates are applied per night.

1 *note: twin room homestay is available only for two friends booking together. Students can arrive at their
accommodation on either Saturday or Sunday and depart on Saturday or Sunday.
2**£25 pw supplement will be charged for a room over Christmas / Easter School Holidays. Otherwise a
retainer of 1/3rd rent will be charged to retain the room / keep luggage there over holidays.
3*** For specific dietary requirements e.g. halal, gluten free a £10 per week supplement will be charged to
cover the homestay’s extra expenses and efforts to cook extra meals.

iii. Deposit (long stay students booking 3+ months or termly)
A four week homestay deposit is payable for long term (3 months + or 1-3 termly) bookings. The deposit will be paid the beginning of each booking and will be refunded within 30 working days at the end of check out or
departure date to a UK bank account However, there will be a reduction or total loss of deposit if any of the following occur:
- Any extra nights weeks stayed in homestay accommodation.
- Any reasonable small damages (accidental or otherwise that cannot be claimed through homestays insurance).
- Cancellation of homestay within your booking period. i.e. length of time booked ‘, as indicated on your booking form so 1 term or 1 academic year.

iv. Host Family Accommodation and Rules
Once host family accommodation has been booked, contact details will be supplied of the host family. The student can contact them and introduce themselves by telephone or e-mail. The accommodation will usually
be a single / double furnished bedroom comprising of bed and wardrobe space. Bed linen and towels will be supplied. A desk or place to study elsewhere in the house will be provided. The bathroom facilities are
usually shared with the host family. For summertime students, twin rooms maybe offered sharing with a student of the same sex. Students agree to keep in with the general host family rules include e.g. cleaning their room on a weekly basis
and cleaning the bathroom after use etc. The homestay will advise the student of house rules. We will give you a general list of guidelines. Homestays generally expect students to be attending their university/ college Monday- Friday between the hours of 9-5pm or using this time for studying in the school library. If this is not the case please talk to your homestay or Hostlink UK to communicate our timetable.

v. Laundry
Use of laundry facilities will be available for use. Host families will either do it for the student or show the student how to operate the laundry facilities.

vi. Curfew, Rules and Behaviour
Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times during guest’s stay in the accommodation. Group leaders and/or guides/teachers are responsible for the proper conduct of all members of the group during their stay
and are in turn responsible for making full payment for any damage or loss caused by any member of the group during their stay. We reserve the right to remove any guest whose conduct is unsatisfactory. Refunds or
alternate accommodation will be offered at the discretion of Hostlink UK. Junior students are subject to curfews i.e. coming home times for their safety agreeable with their parents/guardians.
- Students aged 17 or 18 may travel alone, but should return home 10pm Monday – Friday, 11pm Weekends, or at a time agreed with the Host Family.
- Students aged 14 to 16 may travel alone, as long as plans are deemed safe and acceptable by a host family or Hostlink UK staff or with parental input.
14- or 15-year olds should be home no later than 5.30pm /or during daylight, whichever is the earlier.
16-year olds should be home by no later than 6:00pm /or during daylight, whichever is the earlier.
- Students under the age of 14 cannot travel alone and are not allowed out unless accompanied by an adult.
Over 18’s we ask to be mindful of coming home at reasonable time so as not to disturb their homestay.
Guests are not permitted to smoke in the host families’ homes but outside.
Guests are not permitted to drink alcohol within the homestay. Please be aware drinking alcohol is illegal for under 18s in the UK.
All students are expected to go to school between the hours of 9-5pm unless are visibly sick e.g. vomiting sickness / diarrhoea or has a medical certificate to say they are not well enough to go to school.

vii. Friends
Friends are not allowed to stay overnight but students should talk to their host family if they want friends to visit.

viii. Valuables
Any unsecured valuables left in homestay homes are done so at the owner’s own risk. We cannot be held responsible for loss of these items. We recommend valuables including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and
jewellery are not left unattended. In the unlikely event guests suspect something has been stolen, they should report the theft to the police and inform their travel insurance agency and notify Hostlink UK too.

i. Guardianship Terms and Conditions
Educational Organisations in the UK usually require students under 18 whose families live overseas to have / nominate a Guardian resident in the UK, normally aged over 25 years. Whilst at the school, the student’s
designated tutor will take responsibility for academic progress and welfare, but there are times during the term when the school must be able to hand over these responsibilities to a properly appointed guardian especially in the case of an emergency.
Examples when students need a guardian:
• medical emergency or illness or need to go to hospital
• police matter,
• issue at school,
• getting to and from the airport,
• someone to talk to and advise while living in the UK about any matter they are concerned about.

i. Visa
The UK Visa Authority will also normally require a student coming to study at a UK Educational Facility who is under the age of 18 years to have a proper UK based guardian before a VISA is issued.
Hostlink UK International Student Support will provide the appropriate letter to support your VISA application if instructed to be your guardian. We will be responsible for overseeing you together with our employed
homestay you while staying in the UK and ensuring you have enough support.

ii. The Guardian Obligations
i. Parental responsibility for the student whilst the student is being provided with full-time homestay accommodation or at boarding school according to the guardianship service plan booked.
ii. To exercise its discretion on behalf of the parents where consents are required from the school for activities to be undertaken by the student.
iii. Oversee the safety, health and general well-being of the student throughout the duration of the programme with the parents, the school and the homestay.
iv. To assist with any logistical requirements for the student whilst the student is being provided with homestay accommodation. To include but not exclusive of taking all reasonable steps to
a. ascertain from the student where and when he/she intends to travel independently;
b. notification to the parents, within a reasonable time prior to the child’s stated anticipated departure date to the intended destination.

ii. Termination / Cancellation of student requiring guardianship/ homestay
Either Hostlink UK or the parents may terminate this Agreement by giving to the other party at least one clear term’s notice . Such termination notification shall be in writing to with the agreement to expire at the end of the subsequent term. This means, therefore, that any such notice, whether given during term time or during school holidays, must expire at the end of the following term. If one terms notice is not given, the parents will be liable for one terms Guardianship fees as set out in the fees sheet.

iii. In the event of the student being expelled by the school in accordance with its rules and regulations, Hostlink UK shall view the expulsion as a breach of this agreement and therefore shall immediately be released from all its obligations to the parent or the student under the terms of this agreement and the parent shall not be entitled to any refund of fees for that academic terms Hostlink UK services. Any fresh arrangement for the student following expulsion must be the subject of separate negotiation between the parents and Hostlink UK.

iv. In the event of the student not being expelled by the school but the student being guilty of persistent unreasonable behaviour or behaviour of a seriously unreasonable nature and in circumstances where Hostlink UK are acting loco parentis. Hostlink UK shall no longer be prepared to accept responsibility for the student and Hostlink UK has the right to terminate this agreement forthwith by notice in writing to the parents. In such an instance Hostlink UK shall immediately be released from all its obligations from the parents or the student under the terms of this agreement and the parents shall not be entitled to any refund of fees for that academic terms Hostlink UK services.

v. In the event that a parent needs to cancel or alter previously booked homestay accommodation for boarding school pupils, 3 weeks notice is required in writing to Failure to comply with this will render the parents liable to pay cancellation fees. Cancellation of a host family more than 7 days and up to 3 weeks incurs a 50% charge and less than 7 days incurs a 100% charge.

vi. If a visa is not granted to the student, all monies paid to Hostlink UK under the current agreement will be refunded to the parents minus £200.00 and the agreement shall be terminated forthwith. As such Hostlink UK shall immediately be released from all its obligations from the parents or the Student under the terms of this agreement. In the event that the students behaviour is in our reasonable opinion uncontrollable or where your child commits an unlawful activity. The agreement shall be terminated forthwith and no monies are refundable. Any owed fees are to be paid directly to Hostlink UK within 28 calendar days of us sending you notice requiring payment/ invoice.

v. Changes to Circumstances
You are responsible for notifying and updating Hostlink UK with any changes to you or the students circumstances with respect to the information provided on your child Profile Form. Hostlink UK cannot be held accountable for any loss of information sent to previous contact details should we not be provided with the correct and current information.

vi. The Parents’ Obligations and Confirmations Authority:
a. The parents confirm that Hostlink UK are the persons legally and properly entitled to act as guardians to the student while under this agreement and whilst the student is studying in the UK.
b. The parents extend their parental powers and duties to Hostlink UK during the course of the programme, provided that Hostlink UK shall be released from all such duties during any periods when the student is under the direct control of the parents or is absent from the school or the homestay for purposes not sanctioned by Hostlink UK or by the school, in particular for purposes arranged by the parents direct.
c. The parents are expected to provide any additional authority which may be required by the school to enable it to supply to Hostlink UK all information it may require concerning the student’s performance, well-being and conduct throughout the duration of the programme.
d. The parents authorise Hostlink UK to responsibly delegate such parental powers and duties to the school and the Host Family to such an extent as Hostlink UK deems fit.
e. The parents confirm their understanding of the medical release authorisation to appropriate parties on our application form and confirm and undertake with Hostlink UK that the student has no allergies or special medical conditions which would affect the Students’ medical treatment other than any disclosed separately in writing by the parents to prior to agreement signing. Hostlink UK may at its discretion attempt to obtain consent from the parents for serious or emergency medical treatment but this may not always be possible, whether because of language difficulties, shortage of time or otherwise, and Hostlink UK will therefore be under no obligation to obtain any such consents from the parents but will seek and undertake the guidance of medical professionals.
f. To be responsible for all Hostlink UK Programme fees and in accordance with the provisions set out in the fees list. To also be liable for any cancellation fees in respect of cancellation of host family accommodation in accordance with the cancellation schedule as set out in section 4.4 of these terms and conditions, the student handbook and any adhoc fees.
g. The parents shall not act in such a way as to prevent Hostlink UK from carrying out its obligations under this agreement in a proper and reasonable manner.
h. Hostlink UK advises the parents and student to set up a separate insurance agreement with the school for any loss of or accidental damage to property or reputation. Hostlink UK and the Host family does not take or accept responsibility or liability for any loss of or accidental damage to property or reputation as a result of the students actions.
i. Parents and student are further responsible for any loss of or accidental damage caused to the host family’s property as a direct result of the students actions and are required to pay adequate and fair reparation costs to Hostlink UK and Hostlink UK shall pass on these monies to the host family.
j. Parents shall ensure that the student complies with all rules, regulations, terms and conditions and all other reasonable requirements of the school and, if required by the school, to provide written acceptance of its rules, regulations, terms and conditions.
k. Parents shall ensure that the student complies with all rules, regulations of Hostlink UK Guardianships as set out in the Student and Parent Handbooks and Student Charter and all other reasonable requirements of regulations and to agree to their child signing this charter and for them to counter sign this Student Charter if required.
l. To indemnify Hostlink UK against all costs, claims and other losses which may arise by reason of its reasonable exercise of any discretion or other authority given to it by virtue of this agreement.

5. Change of School
5.1 Hostlink UK will act in accordance with any reasonable requirement of the parents in connection with any change of school for the student and in particular Hostlink UK will not transfer the student to another school
without the written consent of the parents. Any fresh arrangement for the student following a change may be the subject of separate negotiation between the parents and Hostlink UK.

6.. Exclusion of Hostlink UK’s liability
7.1 As the school will be selected only with the consent of the parent, Hostlink UK cannot accept any responsibility to the parents or the student for any acts or omissions of the school relating to the student.
7.2 Whilst Hostlink UK will take proper and all due care in selecting the homestay, Hostlink UK cannot accept responsibility for the actions of the homestay in relation to the student. Where the student has a concern with
a host family, we expect the student to approach an individual at the school to advise Hostlink UK or approach Hostlink UK directly with that/those concerns and Hostlink UK will immediately consider and address the
students concerns. Should Hostlink UK uphold the students concern, the student shall be removed from the host family forthwith and all parental responsibilities shall cease immediately. A new host family shall be sought. Should a new host family available for the full length of the term not be found immediately, Hostlink UK commits to placing the student in temporary secure Hostlink UK accommodation during the interim and accepts all loco parentis rights during this period.
7.3 Where the parent has opted for a holiday course organised by another organisation the parents acknowledge that Hostlink UK cannot take responsibility for any omissions on their part as whilst on the course the other organisation’s Terms and Conditions apply.
7.4 Whilst Hostlink UK will be pleased to assist the Student and the Parents in obtaining any visas and any other entry or re-entry documents which may be required for the Student, or in complying with any statutory
entry or re-entry requirements, Hostlink UK cannot accept any responsibility for such matters and any legal responsibility shall rest with the Student and the Parents.
7.7 In the light of the Covid -19 Pandemic (2019) Public Health Advice will be adhered too. We may ask you to state (possibly certify) that your child has not suffered from any illness or signs of illness in the 14 days
before arriving to the UK. If your child has a medical certificate we request that is sent to prior to signing the agreement.

8. Promotional Material
Sometimes we take photographs for us to use for identification purposes, for sending back to you in our reports and from time to time would like to use these in promotional material such as this brochure, the
student handbook or our website. If you do not agree to this, you must inform us in writing at
10. General In the event of any Hostlink UK services of this agreement being held to be void or unenforceable such services shall be deemed to be severable so that the remaining parts of this agreement shall remain in
full force and effect to the exclusion of the void or unenforceable provision.

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