HostlinkUK Values and Diversity Policy

Hostlink UK Values Policy
As well priding ourselves on providing a high level of service we adhere to the following values:
1. A respect for people: from our agents, teachers and students Clients to our fantastic homestay hosts a respect for people is paramount to an enjoyable and memorable homestay experience.
2. To create a memorable and supportive homestay experience that the young person can look back on as a happy, cultural experience.
3. To provide the best educational advice with respects to finding the right language course / summer school experience.
4. To create the best group / summer programmes to give the student's an enjoyable time while in the UK.
5. To closely match homestay requirements so both students and homestays hosts benefit from the experience.
6. To care for the student clients as we would our own children going abroad.
7. To have quality assurance systems in place to provide a safe, homestay and learning experience.
8. To provide an alternative and best value short stay accommodation solution vs. hotel or other short stay solutions.

Equality & Diversity Statement:
HostlinkUK believes in fostering good relationships across all of our student education and homestay communities. For the past 15 years we have been totally committed to equality and diversity. We operate on the basis of honesty, tolerance and transparency. At Hostlink UK, we have always celebrated diversity and are proud to have welcomed thousands of students from over 30 different countries as well as working in partnership with our diverse local homestay communities who provide second to none care, treating all students as part of their own families. Many of whom are in touch for many years with their host students.
We believe in a culture where all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, religions and faiths are respected and treated equally. We listen and promote healthy feedback and dialogue with all of our stakeholders / partners. We place kindness and tolerance at the centre of our care programmes for students.

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Last updated August 2023.

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