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Date 07/2023

Summer School Reading (on the River Thames)

Summers out , welcoming back our summer students all looking forward to learning English in our local partner language school and importantly staying with our welcoming homestay hosts. Homestays allow the English learning and practice to continue as well as the immersion in the UK culture. Both under and over 18' accommodated for short English Language courses. Grouos welcome and courses with activities organised. 

Date 06/2023

School Groups Increased Demand

In 2023 we saw a return of demand for homestays for school groups. We  welcomed 500 students back in closed groups from France, Czech Republic and Germany as well as many international students visiting / studying in the local areas of Oxford and Reading - Berkshire. The homestays were raring to go and warmly welcomed their students back to the UK.  Thank you to our amazing hosts!

Date 07/2021

As times are changing we're thinking about and looking into bringing back our successful Hostlink UK Summer English Academy! 

The Academy is aimed at the younger learner (13-19 years old), includes 15 hours of English lessons and activities 6 days a week such as interactive fashion and music workshops, relaxing sports and a youth newspaper written by the students, it’s a fun way to learn English in a stimulating environment.

The fun events and relaxing sport facilities help students make friends often beyond the course as and enjoy can make you to feel like staying at home. 
Exciting times! Watch this space!


Date 06/2021

During lockdown we've invested the time wisely to continually improve our offerings.
An offering that is now confirmed is our guardianship services which have now been accredited with the BSA; Boarding Schools Association.

We are pleased to announce that with accreditation we can offer pastoral care (guardianships) and homestays to international students studying in UK boarding schools.
This is a growing area that requires hospitable homestays for a few weeks of the year and we see it being complementary to our existing student business. 
Our agents are keen to still work with us once international travel returns, so we'll be looking for  families to join us on our new venture when the time arises. 


Date 05/2021

The fastest and most effective way to learn English = Immersion

There are many ways to learn English, ranging from formal English lessons in your home country to using on-line English courses. However, the fastest and most effective way is to be in an English speaking country and actively using the language; reading, writing, speaking and generally being completely surrounded by English. You can use every situation to your advantage from a trip to the shops to finding your way round in the UK city you are staying in. The more you practice speaking, the faster you’ll learn English. It will also help you build up your vocabulary and grammar.

There are many courses out there to choose from. Testimonials and referrals can help you choose. International students take up English courses to improve their speaking skills, including their accent, as well for academic purposes such as the popular ILETS course etc.

Furthermore, these English courses open a wide gateway to career success as you can find a number of professional job opportunities by using your verbal, written skills supported by your academic certificates.


Date 04/2021

Hostlink UK provide a professional, safe and fun homestay and host family accommodation service in the UK. Specifically, we serve Oxford, Reading, Bicester, Wokingham and Bracknell. Our students opt to live with local families and learn English language and immerse in the culture.

The families that opt to join our program are taken through careful selection process before they are accepted. When a student opts for a homestay, they will be given everything they need to be comfortable, such as laundry facilities, food and kitchen area, and of course a special homestay welcome! This homestay service gives the student a relaxing home and the opportunity to live in and experience the local cultures of Reading and our other locations . The families that choose to be a part of our programme in all areas are a very supportive and a welcoming network .

The host family will usually host the student during the entire duration of their stay. They are responsible for the comfort of the student and they will help nurture and support them.A complete immersion for the student!


Date 03/2021

We had initially hoped by this point  life might be getting back to normal.
Regrettably not quite yet.. and things we may want to focus on for the next year as we get back to some kind of normal from our past lives or embark on new opportunities.

Looking back over the lockdown period, we're reflecting on how well we have done in looking after ourselves, our families and supporting each other. This is what Hostlink UK is all about, support to both our homestay as well as our student community and as march onward demonstrating the same support, self -care and sense of community will be more important.

We are happy to hear that many of our hosts have already received the vaccine and  are 'missing'  hosting and look forward to receiving student guests in the future. With respect to international travel we are seeing a trickle of students coming back to the UK. We are starting to receive enquiries  about homestay accommodation for those students arriving from amber countries with certificates to travel  and tested Covid negative before flying.  

We are likely to have more adult (over 18) requests as we go through the rest of the year with youth groups returning hopefully next year in 2022. We thank you for your support and chats too and look forward to connecting with you soon,and continuing our good work looking after students together and each other.



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