The British (UK) Education System

The British (UK) Education system includes both state and private (independent) schools / colleges and is split into four sections:

  • Primary (school): - Key stage 1:  for 5 to 7 year old pupils (infants)   - Key stage 2: 7 to 11 (juniors).
  • Secondary (school) :  - Key stage 3:  11-13 years of age (middle school)   - Key stage 4: 14-16  years of age (2 year common GCSE programme) 
    •  Students study 9 to 12 subjects (mandatory subjects  include English, Maths, Science, History / Geography and a Modern Language)
  • Further Education (6th Form School or College):
    • UK students have to continue their studies until 19 
    • Academic qualifications/ A 'Levels: 
      Can be studied at a 6th form as part of the same school where students take their GCSE’s . Or alternatively students can attend a "6th Form Colleges" that will offer the same courses from students at schools that do not have a 6th form. Here students typically study A-levels, further academic qualifications required of students before they enter higher education (university). 
  • Higher education (university):
    • Students will specialise in their chosen pathway and follow usually a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree programme

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